“Thanks so much for your fantastic presentation at our Spring Member Appreciation Event. Judging from all the feedback, you were extremely well received by our group, and I would highly recommend you as a speaker to others interested in learning about the importance of preserving your personal history.

As you know, I lost my mother in 1987 after a 19-month terminal illness. During that time, I was able to have dozens of very meaningful conversations with her. However, none of it was recorded in any way, depriving my kids and me of everything my mother had to share. What a shame.

Because of my personal experience, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to discover and take advantage of the great work you’re doing.”

Jack Phelps, ChFC, Wellesley, MA

“As an estate planning attorney, I appreciate the value of passing on not just a person's financial legacy, but the intangible aspects as well. It saddens me to think of all the family stories that I will never know because my grandparents are no longer living. I am, however, fortunate to have a favorite great uncle who allowed Sabra to prepare his personal history.

Sabra really captured my great uncle — the stories were priceless, and written in his exact voice. There were many stories that I had no idea about! I am immensely impressed with Sabra's professionalism, warmth, and skill. If you are looking for someone to help preserve your treasured memories and values, look no further — Sabra is the answer to your search. Thank you, Sabra!”

Tiffany A. O’Connell, Natick, MA

“I just received the most amazing gift from my mother, a beautiful book called “Lessons from My Heart.” It’s filled with special family photos and invaluable words of wisdom based on her personal experiences. My mom explained that she created her ethical will so that we could benefit from her life lessons. In her book, she shared her innermost thoughts and beliefs, and advice about how to live a loving, meaningful and generous life.

My family and I will cherish this unique heirloom our entire lives. Even when she is no longer with us, we’ll always have my mother’s ethical will, and we’ll be able to feel her presence just by having her printed thoughts, advice and photos at our fingertips.”

Denise B., Needham, MA

“I want to thank you for helping me create my life history. Although I am a shy person, I found it very easy to talk to you, as if I was discussing the past with a newfound friend. It was fun trying to remember stories from my early years. With your prodding, I was able to recall events I thought I had forgotten long ago. You have a real talent for this work.

The best part of working on my personal history was reliving memories of my wonderful relationships and experiences, and discovering what a wonderful life I have lived. I take comfort knowing that I am leaving a record of these memories behind for my relatives and friends. You have done a great job, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Thank you again.”

John F. Coughlan, South Orleans, MA

“The book is one of the most meaningful and sentimental gifts I have ever received. I read the book the night I got it, and I learned a lot about Papa that I didn’t know. You were right; it certainly will become a family heirloom.”

Andrew Goldstein, Needham, MA

“Reflecting upon one’s values and life is something that I would never have done on my own. Writing my ethical will provided me the opportunity to think about how I have lived my life and to see my values organized and put into words. It also gave my family something tangible to pass down through the generations.”

A.C., Natick, MA

“Being interviewed for my ethical will was a truly enjoyable experience. I was surprised and pleased by the way the questions jogged my memory, and by how much of my personal history I was able to recall. I would recommend to my friends that they create their own ethical will. It’s so important to pass on our thoughts and feelings for future generations.”

Saul Goldstein, Needham, MA