Whether you want to write a memoir or put your deeply held values into words, our personalized service can help you decide what form your personal history will take. We’ll work with you to bring out the life lessons, experiences and insights that you want to share, producing a unique and treasured legacy that lasts.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help you share your priceless memories with those you love.

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Ethical Will/Legacy Letter

Writing an ethical will/legacy letter allows you to share your personal values, wisdom and beliefs with your loved ones. Although each ethical will is unique, they often include common themes:

  • Life lessons and meaningful experiences
  • Personal values and beliefs
  • Individual or family stories
  • Sentiments of love and gratitude
  • Expressions of forgiveness
  • Regrets and accomplishments
  • Hopes and dreams
  • Perspective about your estate and/or financial plan

Ethical wills/legacy letters can be presented as a simple album or as a professionally designed, bound book with photos. We’ll help you choose a meaningful title for your heirloom, and give you input into the finished design. The result is an elegant, customized keepsake that your family will cherish forever.

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Life Stories

Sharing stories creates a powerful bond between people and strengthens our understanding of who we are. When you document your life, you have a unique opportunity to recall everyday events and extraordinary circumstances before they disappear from memory. In so doing, you offer a lasting legacy to your entire family, connecting generation to generation.

Whether you want to tell your whole life story or create a memoir highlighting a few meaningful experiences, your personal history will capture the wisdom and memories of the life you’ve lived. We can also add a Reflections section at the end of your book to include themes typically covered in an ethical will/legacy letter.

Life stories are presented in a beautifully designed heirloom-quality book. Should you choose, your book may include photos and memorabilia that add depth and character to your story. You will be able to select a title fitting for your personal history, and have input on the design and elements such as colors and cover material.

Archival-quality CDs of your taped interviews are also available, and are presented in an attractive, personalized package.

A Note on Pricing

Just as no two lives are the same, every personal history project is different. Our goal is to provide the means to tell your story or communicate your beliefs in a format that is within your budget. The final cost will be based on the number of interview hours, and the design and layout of your completed book. You may purchase as many copies of your book as you like.