The Process

The process of writing your personal history begins with an exploration of your ideas. What do you want to accomplish? Who will be receiving this gift? Do you want to tell your whole life story, or focus on a particular time period or event? Perhaps you’d like to write an ethical will, but are struggling to put your feelings or beliefs into words. Through a guided discussion of your specific needs and budget, we’ll determine the right direction for your project.

Each personal history project is customized to achieve your goals. Once the scope and parameters are decided, we’ll begin a series of recorded conversations, often conducted in your own home. We’ll schedule as many sessions as needed to develop your life story, memoir or ethical will.

After the interview sessions are transcribed, I’ll create a draft manuscript for your review. With your feedback, I’ll make edits and deliver a polished narrative written in your own voice.

If you desire, I’ll help you select photos and memorabilia to enhance your story. I’ll organize the material to create a beautiful heirloom-quality book that will be treasured by your entire family for generations to come.

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