My Story

My interest in becoming a personal historian was sparked by working with my terminally ill mother to capture her life story and create her ethical will. The experience was an unexpected gift, bringing us closer at a time when it was especially meaningful. I learned things about my mother that I’d never known, and she took comfort in knowing her stories would live on. In the years since her death, her words continue to inspire and guide her grandchildren in ways that neither of us could have imagined.

A few years later, I invited my father to work on his personal history. A shy, private man, he worried about his ability to articulate his thoughts and about whether his family would appreciate what he had to say. Yet, during our time together, my dad opened up and shared memories, advice and witty observations about life. When his book was printed, he was excited to present it to our family, especially his five grandchildren. His stories gave them a more intimate understanding of the quiet man they thought they knew, and they have come to treasure his heartfelt account of the life he has led.

My experiences working with my parents were life-changing and motivated me to help others share their stories. I consider it a privilege to do this important work, and am honored to create personal histories for my clients that enable them to share their stories, wisdom and life lessons with their families.

My Background

Looking back, I believe that creating personal histories is the work I was meant to do. I first became interested in human nature as a psychology major at Wellesley College. Over the next 25 years, I held professional positions where I honed the interviewing, writing and research skills that I use today to create unique family heirlooms.

Prior to founding Legacies That Last, I was a research associate and writer at Harvard Business School and then a vice president and corporate communications specialist for a financial services firm. Later, I ran two businesses where I worked closely with clients to write highly personalized communications. It was while doing this work that I discovered my passion for helping others convey their feelings and thoughts in their own voices.

I am a member of the Association of Personal Historians (APH), an international organization of professionals who help individuals and families to preserve their stories and histories.

I feel fortunate to draw on all of my professional experiences to create lasting legacies for my clients and their families.

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Sabra Sherry

Sabra Sherry

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